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Enabling leadership through music

EL Create is a  group-based music learning program that enables children from under-resourced schools to tell the stories of their dreams and communities. By enabling children to write original songs and hosting public performances, the program enables important leadership skills in students.

Our Curriculum

EL Create curriculum is comprised of four key aspects

Singing and Performance 

Developing the building blocks to any form of creative exploration around music, a repertoire of songs incorporating the knowledge fundamentals, exploring different musical styles, genres and cultures. 


Recognizing how to connect and appreciate music’s roles and influences in different cultures and time periods, as well as about different artists and musical styles, synthesize and relate knowledge and personal experiences to understand and music).

Knowledge Fundamentals 

Learning the tools of the discipline to understand sound and music, i.e., vocabulary, elements, concepts and principles.

Making Music 

Expressing through music by writing songs and working on compositions. 

Our Annual Program

The program entails about 48 lessons between July and February. Each session is for approximately 60-90 minutes. Students participate in a mid-year community concert, and an end of year public concert.

This culminating concert is designed as a platform for the students to perform their own original songs that tell the stories of their communities.

Each year focuses on an important theme,  like the issue of non-discrimination, or making a real difference to the world we live in. For most students, it’s their first time on a stage, first time performing in front of their friends, peers and parents, and first time writing their own song.

The concert is free, open to the public, and focuses on bringing together as many of the students parents, school staff and community members as possible. It is designed to create a professional, high quality concert experience for the students.

Our Pedagogy

The program’s pedagogy focuses on building functional fluency over technical or theoretical learning for students. 

This teaching pedagogy focuses on promoting best practices in the classroom including active learning, dynamic lesson plans and engaging learning styles. A typical lesson would involve students in between three and five different activities that engage them visuallly, physically and aurally, i.e., games involving movement, singing and listening, as well as the blackboard or audio-visual aids. 

Teachers are trained in this pedagogy, and it sets our EL Create program apart from the traditional music learning paradigm that is one-way from the teacher to students, and primarily only aural, focused on listening and repetition by students. 

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The EL Create program impacts 2341 students across Bengaluru, Mumbai, Pune, Dharwad and Hyderabad.

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