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Enabling Leadership’s Music Program Begins in Chennai

Chennai, known as South India’s cultural hub and famous as the Carnatic music capital, is about to be the next city to launch Enabling Leadership’s Create program.

The program aims to positively impact 140 children in 4 government schools. It particularly emphasizes equal participation of boys and girls. However, encouraging students, especially those unfamiliar with such initiatives, poses a challenge. The Chennai team has dedicated substantial effort and time to ensure a successful launch.

Several visits to schools, meetings at different management levels, training sessions, planning, and orientations have taken place to ensure everything is well-prepared. Samuel Paul, a Program Associate for the Chennai Team, is a crucial figure in initiating the program. Having attended training alongside experienced teams, he is preparing to conduct sessions with the children in Chennai. He plans engaging activities to help the children feel comfortable.

The program focuses on three main categories of life skills: belief system, problem-solving, and general awareness. The belief system category aims to strengthen self-belief and belief in others. Problem-solving helps children learn to tackle everyday challenges, while general awareness fosters knowledge about society and the world.

Parents attending our first orientation program in one of the schools in Chennai

The Create Program uses the power of music to instil these skills in children. Samuel emphasizes that music is a potent tool and is already a part of many education systems. However, Enabling Leadership’s plan is unique as it goes beyond music, allowing children to write their own lyrics, sing, compose, and gain exposure to various music styles and tunes from around the world. All these activities contribute to the larger goal of developing leadership skills that will benefit them in the future.

Samuel’s association with music goes back as far as he can remember. However, he finds his role in Enabling Leadership more fulfilling as it serves a greater cause. Together with the team, students, parents, and school management, they are the pioneers—the first group from Chennai to receive such an opportunity. Their journey begins with the commencement of the first session on July 15th.

By Garima Kumar
Communications Associate