A Celebration Of Excellence

ELevate2024 Aftermovie

Elevate2024 came to life on February 17th and 18th at St. Joseph’s University in Bengaluru. The event was a convergence of regional champions, each bringing their unique talents to the forefront.

With mixed-gender football tournaments, original music compositions, and Lego challenges focused on global issues, children had the opportunity to showcase their diverse skills and talents in a truly remarkable way.

A Snapshot of Two Days of Learning

A girl from belonging to the Hyderabad Enabling Leadership Creat programs takes stage to introduce their team's song
A child from the Dharwad team posing with her LEGO model






Urban Cities


Rural Villages

The event kicked off with our special guests, Bibiano Fernandes, Head Coach of Bengaluru FC, Assistant Commissioner P. Balakrishna, and Anand Dani, CEO, Vodafone Idea South, taking the stage to share their childhood tales with our eager students.

The event started with the football matches immediately following our guests’ inspiring speeches. Over two action-packed days, more than 100 mixed-gender matches were played, fostering respect and teamwork among students. It was a first-time experience for many, interacting with peers from across the country, and learning about diversity firsthand.

Meanwhile, under a sprawling banyan tree, children from Enabling Leadership Build showcased intricate LEGO models addressing pressing issues like waste management and marine conservation. Their creative

presentations engaged visitors with imaginative narratives.

On both days, towards the second half, Enabling Leadership Create students mesmerized the audience with their diverse genres of music performance. 

Each of these songs was originally composed and written by the students. Each of the performances had a unique expression but was about the social issues surrounding our world.

Our Gallery

The St. Joseph’s University campus in Bengaluru provided an ideal setting with ample space for all our program events. We prepared four football fields our PLAY program’s matches, a well-lit area under a majestic Banyan tree for the LEGO showcases, and an indoor auditorium with a seating capacity of 1,000 people for the music performances.

Media Spotlight

Media print of an article that was published in the Economic Times