ELEVATE: Showcase of Excellence

ELevate is Enabling Leadership’s flagship event that is a celebration of excellence, showcasing the best talent from across the country on the national stage with the best teams coming together to participate in football, music, and Lego competitions.

Enabling Leadership’s programs develop essential Leadership skills in underserved children, and ELevate caps a year’s learning journey providing an amazing opportunity to practice their skills and hone them.

Our football program, EL-Play, is the largest mixed-gender tournament in India with more than 6,000 children taking part in mixed-gender league matches across our sites.

EL-Create, our music program hosts a unique music competition where children perform their own compositions.

EL-Build, our program that uses Lego-type building blocks competition showcases the most creative solutions to social problems in the students’ local communities.

ELevate2023 brought 700 children from underserved communities in six cities and 45 villages together to Mumbai for two days. Inaugurated by Mr. Gopal Shetty – Member of Parliament, the event brought out the best of the best but was also a celebration of diversity and camaraderie.

ELevate2024 will be hosted Feb 17 & 18 in Bangalore and promises to be an even bigger event!

So what are you waiting for? Come be a part of this amazing initiative and experience leadership at its best