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Annual Equipment Distribution Delights Children

At the beginning of the year, a group of children playing football was often spotted in the public playgrounds and fields of Dharwad. They formed teams on their own and played with a level of proficiency and discipline often seen in professional football players.

These children were part of our Play program in Dharwad and were practising for ELEVATE2023, our national event held in Mumbai.

They came from an area where football is not a widely popular sport; however, they displayed determination, dedication, and initiative to practice. But there was one other secret ingredient in their recipe for success – the availability of all the required sports equipment.

Equality extends beyond the confines of educational institutions; it transcends all geographical and social boundaries, and promoting it is a multi-step process. When we say we want children from all walks of society to have equal opportunities and resources, we mean that in all aspects – at school, home, community, and the world. Attending a program session is just the first step, but personal efforts are equally important for any activity to be truly beneficial, and that happens when children have the necessary resources.

A group of children after completing a challenge using their new LEGO sets during our BUILD program session in 2023

With this in mind, we distribute relevant equipment: football gear for Play, Lego building blocks for Build, and a student kit with musical instruments for Create. This equipment belongs to the children and is intended for their personal use, and our small initiative aids coaches in their aim to transform children from curious students into independent individuals.

When children have the resources, they play and experiment, making learning a continuous process. For the Dharwad team, this meant having proper football equipment that allowed them to practice, and their efforts were rewarded when they ended up winning at ELEVATE.

The ability to work independently without supervision is one of the most important skills in any workplace. Our equipment distribution process is a small step in ensuring that students become self-driven, independent members of the workforce. And though the final goal is a noble one, what makes the efforts worthwhile is the smiles we see on the faces of the children when they receive their equipment.

By Garima Kumar
Communications Associate