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A Coach’s Commitment: Akbar Ansari and His Students

Jay from Natwar Nagar High School has started attending school for the Play program sessions, marking a heartwarming turnaround. His parents, who had worried during his long absence, now rejoiced as their son embraced the opportunities for growth and development. Jay’s presence at school was not only a source of happiness for his parents but also an inspiration for other students who may have faced similar challenges.

Fuzail from Holystar English School has had a journey that is a testament to the transformative power of sports. As he learned to manage his anger, the atmosphere at his home underwent a significant change. The once frequent angry cries were replaced by a newfound sense of peace. Fuzail’s progress served as a reminder that sports not only shape young minds but can also positively impact the dynamics of entire households.

Disha Satyendra Saroj’s improved relationship with her siblings in the absence of her parents highlighted the Play program‘s ability to foster stronger familial bonds. As Disha learned valuable life skills and social competencies through the program, her interactions with her siblings became more harmonious. This shift exemplified how the program’s benefits extended beyond the field.

Akbar (Program Associate -PLAY) was greeted by children during one of his community visits to a locality in Mumbai

In Mumbai, Coach Akbar Ansari and his students embarked on an innovative approach to parent-teacher meetings. Rather than the traditional format, they ventured to visit parents at their homes and workplaces. This proactive initiative not only gave them feedback on their work but also provided parents with firsthand insights into the program’s effects on their children. They were delighted to witness their children’s renewed dedication to studies, and the discovery that even the top students were part of the program was a pleasant surprise.

Amidst the praise, there were some light-hearted food-related complaints, emphasizing the close-knit, friendly atmosphere fostered by Coach Akbar and his students. These interactions reflected the coach’s commitment to understanding his students’ backgrounds and needs on a deeper level.

Coach Akbar’s dedication to his students and their families showcased his determination to make a lasting impact that extended far beyond the playing field. He epitomized the ideal teacher many of us wished for while growing up – someone who cared deeply about their students’ well-being and growth. In a world where education often focuses solely on academics, Akbar Ansari’s approach stood as a shining example of the holistic and transformative power of teaching.

By Garima Kumar
Communications Associate