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Empower Girls from Low-Income Backgrounds to Thrive and Lead!"
At Enabling Leadership, we believe in the limitless potential of every child, regardless of their background. Help us make a lasting impact by supporting our transformative programs that empower girls from low-income backgrounds. Just INR 800/USD $10 per month will support one child!
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Help children from low- income backgrounds obtain an inclusive and equitable quality education
Join Enabling Leadership in shaping a world where every child has the opportunity to thrive and lead. Take action now by making a donation. Just INR 800/USD $10 per month will support one child!
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Empower children from low-income backgrounds via Enabling Leadership's transformative programs
Be a part of their journey toward overcoming challenges, solving problems, and becoming a positive contributor Change a life today by making a donation. Just INR 800/USD $10 per month will support one child!
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Take action now and be a force for change
Transform the lives of girls from low-income backgrounds and create a ripple effect that will positively impact their families, communities, and society as a whole. Take action now by making a donation. Just INR 800/USD $10 per month will support one child!
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About Us

We enable children to become tomorrow's leaders - through music, football and Lego.

We believe every child can be a leader.

A Role Model

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“We learn how to work in a team, to be polite to others, express our feelings and how to be compassionate.”

A Positive Contributor

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“Playing football has made me confident because of which i’m fighting the problems in my life and finding solutions of them.”

A Global Citizen

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“If we don’t pass the ball, we won’t score a goal.”

Our Programs

Our Programs

Our Mission

Impact one million children by 2030.

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Our Students


Our Schools

2341 Create students

1444 Build students

5916 Play students

Support a child today. You can change the world for everyone tomorrow.

In our unique donation model, 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs.

Become an enabler.


500+ Children Unite from Urban and Rural Areas for Two-Day Celebration

March 2021

The unprecedented challenges brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic made it even more critical to ensure our students continue to learn critical skills like problem-solving and critical thinking, to ensure they come out stronger. Here’s a glimpse of our virtual journey. 

Mar 2019

This group of 36 fourth-grade boys in Delhi raised their voices write their original song that raises powerful questions including why girls are not equal to boys, or, why the planet’s natural resources are being destroyed.

Jul 2019​

From overcoming discouragement and stigma, these young girls in Mumbai have become role models who pushed the envelope on the importance of sport for women beyond the realization of their own dreams.

Upcoming Events

At Enabling Leadership, events are an essential part of our curriculum. Our events act as a platform for our students to collaborate, showcase and share their learning. Each program’s annual event is usually held in the month of January every year.

However, our EL Play program comprises of two segments – city wise regional league and a National final. In the case of EL Create and EL Build – the annual concert and LEGO showcase take place as usual in January. By attending our events you will get a chance to directly witness the diversity of learning across our three programs!​