Our Vision

Every child develops into a leader – a role model, a global citizen, a positive contributor

A different, better world needs a new generation of ‘Leaders’- people who take responsibility for themselves, their communities, and the world.

Our Theory of Change

Our programs use playful mediums of music and sport to instill the ideas and behaviours we expect from the leaders of tomorrow.

Our Programs

Our programs today reach over 1,000 children in India, Nepal and Philippines.

Our Reach

Our Impact

Building new dreams, one block at a time

Building blocks have always proven to be a great source of learning for children. This simple activity has enormous potential in encouraging teamwork and...

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Thank you, our wonderful donors!

It has just been two months since the start of our Leadership through Lego program in Dharwad. But as the word got around, we received quite a few sets of this...

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Just for Kicks turns six!

This year our partner Just for Kicks have achieved a new milestone - completing six years of their unique football leadership programs in...

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