How We Work

Enabling Leadership uses innovative mediums of music, sports and fine arts to foster valuable life skills of leadership, creativity, confidence and global citizenship among children in rural areas who have limited access to high quality education.


We started in 2013 as a funding organisation that provided seed funding to programs that conducted innovative life-skills and leadership programs for children.  However, in 2015 we started our own pilot program in Dharwad (in north Karnataka, India), using music and football as mediums to instill life-skills in children of four villages. After the success of our pilot program, we are now expanding our programs in other parts of the world.


In 2016, Enabling Leadership reached out to 1,200 children through music, football, sailing, and volleyball programs in India, Nepal and the Philippines.


In India, Enabling Leadership has reached out to 150 children through their flagship music and football programs in Dharwad, in addition to 300 children through other programs that are funded by us and run by Music Basti in New Delhi and the Yacht Club in Hyderabad.


Music Basti Teachers Training Program (July 2014)