Give us your Expertise

We have immense drive and passion, but we are looking for specialized knowledge and experience.


One of the most valuable contributions is time – from talented people like you. We’re looking for the following specific areas of expertise:


Advisors: You are a senior, experienced Corporate Executive or High-level Policy maker interested in helping us scale our initiatives, and make a bigger impact by carefully developing our strategies, plans and organization. You want to not only “give back” but you want to us to from your experience and knowledge.


Educators: You have experience in building and running teacher training programs specially geared towards helping teachers with techniques that integrate the development of life skills and leadership skills into the school curriculum. You enjoy helping teachers become better and seeing the benefits of a successful program.


Accountants: You are an experienced professional in the accounting and audit field and can support us with our statutory requirements. You also enjoy finding creative ways to use precious funds and to help an organization think about their strategy and financial planning.


Fund-Raisers: You are an experienced fund raiser with a great network of like-minded philanthropists who are equally interested in making a difference. You can develop fund raising strategies and help develop the capacity necessary to mobilize fund raising efforts.



If you are willing and able to dedicate as little as one hour a week, we would love to tap into your capabilities. Please let us know what you would be interested to help us with.


We can be reached at: