Give us the Means

With your help, we can reach many more children and help them develop into the role models, global citizens and positive contributors of tomorrow. Every child that we reach means that we have a better chance of creating a better tomorrow for all of us.


We have a unique model to fund raising – we call it the 100% model.


We have a group of private donors who help us cover our administrative costs. This means that ALL your money goes directly to our programs – no overheads for you to worry about!


It costs us about $100 per child to run our music and sports programs for a whole year. In many countries, this is how much you spend on an evening out! You can pick which geographies and which programs you would like your money to go to, and we’ll make sure to direct the funds accordingly. We’ll keep you posted on the progress the children make as the programs are implemented through the year.


Please e-mail us and let us know how we can contact you – before you make a donation, we would like to discuss your funding objectives and advise you on the initiatives that match your goals. You can contact us at


We are a registered Netherlands non-profit entity, with ANBI status # 853126628  that allows you to deduct your donations to Enabling Leadership from your tax liabilities.


Our registration number at the Netherlands Chamber of Commerce is KvK58654240.